The Process

Process and Discovery

Business analysis:

There is a special business analyst person making an in-depth study of your particular need and of the peculiarities of your particular business. Here, we clearly define the problem:
-search for the bottlenecks, causing it;
-suggest solutions to reinforce the weak points;
-choose the most suitable one and proceed to the following steps with it.
At this stage the best suitable Project manager joins the project and starts to form a team for it.

Wireframes and Prototype

Prototyping and wireframing:

Here, the business analyst together with a UI/UX specialist devise the user interface, converting the results into a prototype, clickable through the whole system workflow.

Documentation creation

Specification creation:

Prototype being ready and confirmed, the technical writer composes the technical description of the future application.



Here it is, where faceless wireframes become a deeply individual app interface. A designer, hearing out your preferences, but switching on his fantasy and graphic skills , converts a general idea into a ready-to-develop interface.



Prototype, specification, design - everything ready, this is the moment of glory for our development team. Directed by a Project manager, the programmers work their magic and create a full-scale product out of the previous steps ' results.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

To err is human, and though we reduce error number to the minimum at the very development stage, there is always a Tester person to challenge all we’ve done. Here, we polish the last nicks-and-burrs, assure that the system is perfect and hey presto, you get your own personal problem-solver!

Try it!