Web Development

Web development

Web development is a broad term implying development of web-based applications for the Internet or corporate private networks. The scope of web development products is rather extensive and includes both basic landing pages and low-level enterprise solutions with high-load back-ends. Stone Labs is engaged in development of a wide range of web solutions, including Productivity SaaS, Crowdfunding platforms, Social networks, Business portals, while most of the expertise and experience were gained while developing peer-to-peer marketplace startups and supply chain optimization tools.

When implementing back-ends for our applications and enterprise systems we use Python, .NET, PHP (Lavarel, Yii, Symfony) , Ruby on Rails and work with SQLite, MySQL, MsSQL and MongoDB databases.

To create front-ends we utilize PHP, Javascript (Angular.js, Backbone.js), Bootstrap and HTML5.

As for the cloud services, we trust Amazon Services, Heroku and Digital Ocean.

Mobile Development

Mobile development

Mobile development includes creation of mobile software for various mobile operation systems. Stone Labs specializes in native development for iOS ( iPhone, iPad) and Android (Smartphones/ Tablets). In UI and UX we are guided by iOS and Android guidelines and latest design trends.

As seen in our portfolio, we have rich experience in such business spheres as retail, real estate, travel, mass media, entertainment, social networks and enterprise solutions.

We program mobile software both as independent products and as front-ends of larger custom enterprise solutions.

For both iOS and Android we follow the freshest trends in coding: we use Swift as the language for iOS and the latest SDK versions for both of the OS’s.

Software Development

Custom enterprise system development

Web and mobile development are all right, if separate, but they become a real power if combined together.   

The scale of our custom developed enterprise software is to be proportionate to the one of the problem to solve. Thus we utilize all the technologies at our disposal to cover the bootlenecks in your processes.

Among such technologies there are mobile applications, that exploit mobile devices at full capacity, to serve for data collection (Database filling, QR-codes, NFC sensors, Multimedia tools, Cloud drives), workers’ management (GPS/GSM-geolocation-based tracking, task appointment), communication (messengers, VoIP), HR work (mobile gig boards, mobile questionnaires), monetary transactions (mobile PayPal/ bank gateway clients).

These could be web-based front ends for administrating the internal data, or, on the contrary, functioning as end clients’ toolkit for interaction with your system, encompassing financial transactions, multimedia instruments, automatic client retention tools etc.

Front-ends are always complemented with complex back-ends to perform sophisticated calculations and fulfill data processing logics, that provides the maximum level of system automatizaton and scalable for thousands of end users operating simultaneously.

To propel a system’s efficiency to a new qualitative level of automation, we make extensive use of side hardware devices as RFID-based appliances, Smart Home gadgets, Vehicle tracking tools etc.


Design and UX

Guided by the updated UI/UX guidelines for both web and mobile products, we also use our own vision and experience in creating user-friendly interfaces.

Using various prototyping tooling, depending on our needs, we devise UI wireframes that will be later used as a basis for specification writing and design drawing.

Latest graphics editors serve our designers for UI design drawing.

Our artists keep up with styling trends to create contemporary logos and icons.



Testing (quality assurance) is among our pivot activities both for our own projects and provided on outsourcing basis.

Depending on the needs of the system in question we resort to white-box testing and black-box testing. Scale of the project being reasonably big, we make use of TDD techniques, in particular – unit testing.

Also, depending on the requirements, we utilize several testing, crash report and analytics services with Git playing the role of our major version management system.

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